A Reason To Remain Catholic

St Cyprian’s treatise on the Lord’s Prayer
After the support of bread, we ask for the forgiveness of sins
As the prayer continues, we ask Give us this day our daily bread. This can be understood both spiritually and literally, because either way of understanding is rich in divine usefulness to our salvation. For Christ is the bread of life, and this bread does not belong to anyone at all, but to us. And so, just as we say Our Father, because he is the father of those who understand and believe, so also we call it our bread, because Christ is the bread of us who come into contact with his body.
  We ask that this bread should be given to us daily, that we who are in Christ and daily receive the Eucharist as the food of salvation may not be prevented, by the interposition of some heinous sin, from partaking of the heavenly bread and be separated from Christ’s body, for as he says: I am the bread of life which came down from heaven. If anyone eats of my bread, he will live for ever; and the bread I shall give is my flesh, for the life of the world.
  So when he says that whoever eats of his bread will live for ever; and as it is clear that those are indeed living who partake of his body and, having the right of communion, receive the Eucharist, so, on the other hand, we must fear and pray lest anyone should be kept at a distance from salvation who, being withheld from communion, remains separate from Christ’s body. For he has given us this warning: Unless you eat the flesh of the Son of man and drink his blood, you will have no life in you. And therefore we ask that our bread – that is, Christ – may be given to us daily, so that we who live in Christ may not depart from his sanctification and his body.
  After this we entreat for our sins, saying Forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors. After the supply of food, pardon of sin is also asked for.
  How necessary, how provident, how salutary are we reminded that we are sinners, since we have to beg for forgiveness, and while we ask for God’s pardon, we are reminded of our own consciousness of guilt! Just in case anyone should think himself innocent and, by thus exalting himself, should more utterly perish, he is taught and instructed that he sins every day, since he is commanded to pray daily for forgiveness.
  This is what John warns us in his epistle: If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us; but if we confess our sins, the Lord is faithful and just and will forgive us. In his epistle he combines two things, both that we ought to beg for mercy because of our sins and that we will receive forgiveness when we ask for it. This is why he says that the Lord is faithful to forgive sins, keeping faith with what he promised; because he who taught us to pray for our debts and sins has promised that his fatherly mercy and pardon will follow.
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Where Do I Go From Here

I’ve deleted the last three of my posts. The reason being is that I’m unsure of where I stand in reference to where the Church of Christ can be found. I am sure of this though, the answer can be found in scripture and scripture is where I’ll search.

There are many voices in this world, I seek the voice of the shepherd.

For this reason the only subject that I will be posting on is what scripture says of the Church, the visible Church.

In Christ,


*Update* I should have said that the only subject I’ll be posting on (at the moment) is what Scripture says of the Church

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The Gospel According To Lost

A Review of Chris Seay “Gospel According To Lost”:

“THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO LOST” is an interesting read; especially if like me, you’ve never seen a single episode. On the surface it’s like having cliff notes to the show (if I were to take a test on Lost I think I’d have a pretty good gist of what is going on with the show).

The author is Pastor Chris Seay and you can tell from the book that he’s invested a lot of time in the show. He comes across as a deep thinker and serious Christian who cares deeply about humanity and the human condition (although as you’ll see below I disagree with him somewhat). Pastor Seay delves into the lives of each character and tries to unravel what makes them tick. Each circumstance and every struggle is analyzed and brought to light using biblical references; in fact the weaving of the show and the biblical applications are deeply moving and edifying.

There are only two objections that I have with the book, and these are easily dismissed as not important enough to reject it. The first is the use of “The Voice”. Here is an explanation of what the voice is “The Voice is a fresh expression of the timeless narrative known as the Bible. Stories that were told to emerging generations of God’s goodness by their grandparents and tribal leaders were recorded and assembled to form the Christian Scriptures. Too often the passion, grit, humor, and beauty has been lost in the translation process. The Voice seeks to recapture what was lost.” http://hearthevoice.com/pages/about I disagree with the above sentiment, I don’t believe things are lost in translations as much as faith is lost by not hearing (for whatever reason) the voice of Jesus. This version of scripture seeks to bring together “a group of writers, poets, scholars, pastors, and storytellers have committed to work together to bring the Scriptures to life in a way that celebrates both beauty and truth”. This to me is not the intent of the authors of scripture and leads to subjectivism.

The second objection I have is Pastor Seay definition of religion. The definition is a broad brush one and does not capture what true religion is.
For the most part the work is intriguing and it definitely makes you want to watch the show!

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Jesus Lives, Seeing His Love in Your Life

A devotional by Sarah Young: A Review

Jesus lives is a small devotional yet it’s 359 pages long. In it Sarah Young expresses her thoughts of what she hears Jesus saying to her. The book is written as if Jesus is speaking to you. Some people may enjoy this but I’m a little more hesitant when I listen for Jesus. This is a book that will need to grow on me as I delve more deeply into it. The book uses the NIV translation of the scriptures and the verses selected are right on topic. The book is divided into biblical themes and as such brings with it some of the authors interpretations and beliefs; such as once saved always saved. This is not necessarily a bad thing as each of the devotions all lead to Jesus and have him as their focus. This is not a devotional that I would recommend; I would rather advise to read the bible and listen there for the voice of Jesus. But on the other hand I wouldn’t try to talk someone out of buying it either.

As I said this is a small book and the type is about a 10 point which may make it hard for some folks to read.

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I’ll be receiving my first book soon from Thomas Nelson Publishers to review. I can’t wait.
I review for Thomas Nelson Book Review Bloggers

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A Happy Sad Day

I had a link for this post but when I published it I lost it all. The post is about Anglicans leaving their churches. I’m happy they’re Catholic but sad they have to give up their parish life. I pray that their gain is greater.

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This blog

The title of this blog is Growing in the Grace and Knowledge of our Dearest Lord Jesus…a Catholic blog. Except for a couple of posts recently I haven’t posted much in the past year. Since then I could say that I haven’t grown much (I could say it but it would not be true) but what I’d really be saying is that I haven’t grown as much as I’d have liked to.

It started with me starting my own website because I had grand plans that having a blog here at wordpress.com could not fulfill. Without getting into specifics(at the moment), let’s just say ,that was disappointment #1. I was also out sick from work for about 4 months due to depression, disappointment #2, which probably helped #1.

In talking with my doctor (yes depression is real) she has helped me to see how I’ve been too critical of myself (though sometimes not critical enough, but that’s just me 🙂 ) and she has helped me to understand how much I have grown, and has helped me understand what I need to grow.

This is hopefully the first post of this type I’ve posted here of many more to come.

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My soul slumbers. Arise my soul and rejoice in the Lord! Forget your sorrow and all your pain, offer them to the Lord, who remembers not your guilt and shame. Truly the source of my sorrow is my sin, confession is where I’ll begin.

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Brain Freeze

be back later

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It’s been a long time…

It’s been almost a year since I posted. A lot has happened in that time, most of which I’ll probably blog about. I needed direction, especially for this blog. I thought about starting a blog at my own web site (which I may still do) but I miss wordpress.com too much. I’m going to try to post daily, sort of a diary, which as I post more people will understand why.


To everyone who has posted prayers, I’ve read them all and have agreed in prayer with each and everyone.


God Bless!

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