Conversion – A Life Long Process –

When I think back to where I’ve been I realize how much I’ve grown (it seems silly to think about being 40 years old and still growing up) and how much I still need to grow.

I can see conversion in every aspect of my life; its a natural process that can have supernatural effects. What do I mean? Conversion is a change. Our bodies change everyday; they’re affected by what we eat and what we do. If we exercise we build our body up and make it strong. St. Paul used this analogy with regards to a boxer. He also said we reap what we sow; if we sow to the flesh we reap corruption but if we sow to the spirit we will reap life everlasting.

Most times I (we?) don’t realize what’s being sown. It’s easy to take for granted the little moments and opportunities we have to convert. The moments when we can serve God and learn to be like Him; learn to love as He loves.

There are moments when we can pray but instead we worry. Moments when we can study about the faith and contemplate what it means to truly have faith; to live a life of faith.

I think back to the times that I knowingly did not turn to God because I did not want to give up something (whatever it was at the time) and times when later I would realize that I tried without His help when all I had to do was ask.

So this is my prayer: Dear Lord, help me to keep you close to my heart and thoughts. Become the air that I breathe. Be my everything. Teach me to live and to love. Teach me to treasure each moment as your gift to me so that I may be your gift to my neighbor. I want to love you with all my heart, with all my mind and with all my soul. I want to learn to be like you. Teach me what it truly means to be converted and give me the strength for the discipline that it requires.

To my good and gracious Lord Jesus, Amen.


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