In my last post “I wish I’d never gotten married” I wrote; I am satisfied with my wife. I would like to expand on and explain that.

Satisfaction can mean different things to different people depending on their circumstances, train of thought, beliefs, etc.

To give an example: I could have meant that I was satisfied with my wife in the sense of just accepting my lot with her; she is mine I am hers and now I’ll just live with the choice I’ve made. But this example allows room for something or someone better. It allows for selfishness. For I may decide or there may come a day when I realize there is something missing; that she may not be everything I want, need or desire.

Yet I am satisfied because she fills me. She is everything. She is in me what once never was or ever could be again. The two are one. My life is in her as she is in mine. When I hold her I hold my life. My desire is for her. She is lovely, she fills my heart, my every being with love.

This love is a supernatural love. I am a new creature, I partake in the life of the Trinity. For, just as the Trinity is one the two are one, not in fashion but in form, for God has fashioned the two to form one.

She fills me. There is now room for no one or nothing, but God.

In Christ,



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