A letter to a friend.

Dear Chrisy,

I wanted to take some time to write to you (I’ve been thinking about this for a while). I know that you don’t know me and I don’t know you but I know your love for the Lord and it is a love that makes us one.

Chrisy, it hurts me to see you so far from the Church (I say this as one who struggles to make it there because of procrastination and sin) and her sacraments. I wish there were something I could say or do to help you see the Church and your brothers and sisters in a different light.

You see, we are connected, we are one body in Christ. We are being built upon the surest foundation; which is Him. There is nothing you can say or do that would change the fact that I love you.

Chrisy, I know that what you believe about certain things and what I believe about them are polar opposites, like for example our view on Obama and his beliefs. But, even though I believe that I am right, and that I believe that you should submit to the Church’s authority (on issues such as abortion) I would (and I don’t believe the Church would either) ask you to go against your conscience.

I believe that we should talk about these things and if there is any disagreement then we should pray and ask God to make it right. Chrisy, I would never want to seperate from fellowship with a brother or sister because of sin; we are to build one another up. My hope is that you will not judge me for what I believe and that I will not judge you but that we may grow together in the faith.

Yours in Christ,



About Richard Froggatt

Richard Froggatt West Chester, Pa. Contact RichFrogg @ gmail.com
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