Why I cannot vote for Sen. Obama…

but wish I could.

First, I would like to clear a few things out of the way. I don’t appreciate those who are against his candidacy and will use any means necessary. Examples of this include the use of his name to denigrate him (and in the same breath a whole race of people) by intimating that his name should be associated with terrorists. He was named by his parents and it is special to them.

I cannot vote for Sen. Obama based on his record. I have also listened to him speak and I disagree with his ideas and I don’t believe that he offers any real change. My biggest opposition (and the main issue that matters to me in this election year) is his stand on abortion.

Abortion is MURDER plain and simple.

Why I wish I could vote for Sen. Obama (if I believed he was the right choice for our country): He is charismatic and likable. He and his family are beautiful and they make me smile when I see them together. I believe that he truly cares about (most) people and our country. Plus I would like to vote for him just because he’s black.

With the last reason comes clarification. I would like to be a part of history; a part of the first black man (or woman) becoming the president of the United States. America as a country owes a great debt to the African American people. Throughout the past few centuries (until very recently) they have built only to have it torn down. They have been underrated and under appreciated (to say it mildly) in most of their achievements. This is not to say that I am amazed at every achievement of black people as if it surprises me that a black person can do something (I’m not really that fond of statements such as “we need to teach our black sons and daughters that they can be somebody” which I think should go without saying) but that credit should be given where credit is due. With that being said, a vote for Obama is not in the best interest of America.

If Sen. Obama becomes our next president(and I HOPE he doesn’t), then I wish him well and he will be in my prayers.

In Christ,


About Richard Froggatt

Richard Froggatt West Chester, Pa. Contact RichFrogg @ gmail.com
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