Congratulations SenatorPresident Obama. This is truly a great day in America, I did not vote for you and I still disagree with your positions but I believe that you’ve achieved for us in American history a turning point which could mean a new birth for an even greater nation. Sir, you have my complete loyalty as an American citizen. God bless you and God bless America.


I think your first act as President should be adding your name to all spell checkers.


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Richard Froggatt West Chester, Pa. Contact RichFrogg @ gmail.com
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  1. dtramontana says:

    Well said. To consider Rosa Parks died only a few years ago…wow! We have come a long way as a nation. I truly fear what President Obama’s policies will do to this country and our pro-life efforts, but I am quite thrilled (at the very least) that we are going to have an African American as president.

    Plus, though I despise some of his policies and really dislike the rest of them, he has tremendous skills as a leader. He is an outstanding speaker and has what I consider the most important ability of any leader—he inspires people. Now we just need to start working on getting him to change his mind on the life issues—he did it once before.

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