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The title of this blog is Growing in the Grace and Knowledge of our Dearest Lord Jesus…a Catholic blog. Except for a couple of posts recently I haven’t posted much in the past year. Since then I could say that I haven’t grown much (I could say it but it would not be true) but what I’d really be saying is that I haven’t grown as much as I’d have liked to.

It started with me starting my own website because I had grand plans that having a blog here at could not fulfill. Without getting into specifics(at the moment), let’s just say ,that was disappointment #1. I was also out sick from work for about 4 months due to depression, disappointment #2, which probably helped #1.

In talking with my doctor (yes depression is real) she has helped me to see how I’ve been too critical of myself (though sometimes not critical enough, but that’s just me 🙂 ) and she has helped me to understand how much I have grown, and has helped me understand what I need to grow.

This is hopefully the first post of this type I’ve posted here of many more to come.


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Richard Froggatt West Chester, Pa. Contact RichFrogg @
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