Jesus Lives, Seeing His Love in Your Life

A devotional by Sarah Young: A Review

Jesus lives is a small devotional yet it’s 359 pages long. In it Sarah Young expresses her thoughts of what she hears Jesus saying to her. The book is written as if Jesus is speaking to you. Some people may enjoy this but I’m a little more hesitant when I listen for Jesus. This is a book that will need to grow on me as I delve more deeply into it. The book uses the NIV translation of the scriptures and the verses selected are right on topic. The book is divided into biblical themes and as such brings with it some of the authors interpretations and beliefs; such as once saved always saved. This is not necessarily a bad thing as each of the devotions all lead to Jesus and have him as their focus. This is not a devotional that I would recommend; I would rather advise to read the bible and listen there for the voice of Jesus. But on the other hand I wouldn’t try to talk someone out of buying it either.

As I said this is a small book and the type is about a 10 point which may make it hard for some folks to read.


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