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Where Do I Go From Here

I’ve deleted the last three of my posts. The reason being is that I’m unsure of where I stand in reference to where the Church of Christ can be found. I am sure of this though, the answer can be … Continue reading

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The Gospel According To Lost

A Review of Chris Seay “Gospel According To Lost”: “THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO LOST” is an interesting read; especially if like me, you’ve never seen a single episode. On the surface it’s like having cliff notes to the show (if … Continue reading

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Jesus Lives, Seeing His Love in Your Life

A devotional by Sarah Young: A Review Jesus lives is a small devotional yet it’s 359 pages long. In it Sarah Young expresses her thoughts of what she hears Jesus saying to her. The book is written as if Jesus … Continue reading

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I’ll be receiving my first book soon from Thomas Nelson Publishers to review. I can’t wait.

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A Happy Sad Day

I had a link for this post but when I published it I lost it all. The post is about Anglicans leaving their churches. I’m happy they’re Catholic but sad they have to give up their parish life. I pray … Continue reading

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This blog

The title of this blog is Growing in the Grace and Knowledge of our Dearest Lord Jesus…a Catholic blog. Except for a couple of posts recently I haven’t posted much in the past year. Since then I could say that … Continue reading

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My soul slumbers. Arise my soul and rejoice in the Lord! Forget your sorrow and all your pain, offer them to the Lord, who remembers not your guilt and shame. Truly the source of my sorrow is my sin, confession … Continue reading

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Brain Freeze

be back later

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It’s been a long time…

It’s been almost a year since I posted. A lot has happened in that time, most of which I’ll probably blog about. I needed direction, especially for this blog. I thought about starting a blog at my own web site … Continue reading

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Cardinal Avery Dulles passes away at Fordham

Cardinal Avery Dulles passes away at Fordham.

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