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Where Do I Go From Here

I’ve deleted the last three of my posts. The reason being is that I’m unsure of where I stand in reference to where the Church of Christ can be found. I am sure of this though, the answer can be … Continue reading

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Cardinal Avery Dulles passes away at Fordham

Cardinal Avery Dulles passes away at Fordham.

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A letter to a friend.

Dear Chrisy, I wanted to take some time to write to you (I’ve been thinking about this for a while). I know that you don’t know me and I don’t know you but I know your love for the Lord … Continue reading

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You Are Near « Catholic Sensibility

You Are Near « Catholic Sensibility. Talking about the Congregation for Divine Worship and the use of Y—

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I wish I’d never gotten married

But I’m glad I did. Does that sound strange? Let me explain. Growing up I was a loner and to top it off, I was lonely. I used to cry out to God to send me someone to love, I … Continue reading

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To My Friends

I wish I could say I was to busy or there were some sort of emergency etc etc etc that kept me from posting… but I can’t. It’s probably selfishness. I say that because sin has kept me from posting, … Continue reading

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The Gospel of John

Just a couple of thoughts. The first is really a question; what do most people say is the reason Jesus wept when Lazarus died? Also, it seems to me that Jesus prayer for unity could not be accomplished anywhere else … Continue reading

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The Nature Of The Church

Dave Armstrong has an interesting conversation taking place that he’s posting on his blog. This got me to thinking about not just what the Church means to me but what it actually is; especially in light of some of the criticisms … Continue reading

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A grandfather mourns the loss of a child.

This is both beautiful and sad. Grandfather of aborted baby wants remains in order to provide grandson with Christian burial Buenos Aires, October 8 (CNA).-The father of a handicapped young woman who underwent an abortion several days ago in the … Continue reading

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Hopefully and Prayerfully; A Step Towards Unity

RAVENNA: DIALOGUE BETWEEN CATHOLICS AND ORTHODOX VATICAN CITY, OCT 8, 2007 (VIS) – From October 8 to 15, the Joint International Commission for Theological Dialogue between Catholics and Orthodox is holding its 10th plenary assembly in Ravenna, Italy, according to … Continue reading

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