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The Gospel of John

Just a couple of thoughts. The first is really a question; what do most people say is the reason Jesus wept when Lazarus died? Also, it seems to me that Jesus prayer for unity could not be accomplished anywhere else … Continue reading

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Is the concept of infused righteousness biblical? I don’t believe in the concept that when we stand before the Father that the only reason we can is because He sees Christ’s righteousness and not us. I can’t grasp Luther’s dunghill … Continue reading

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Life is bigger than life!

In terms of my life I seem small; here today gone tomorrow. What have I gained if I have not shared in the lives of others? When we communicate with one another; do we share a part of our lives? … Continue reading

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Today’s Gospel

Lk 8:16-18 Lord, give me the grace to so let my light shine. Those things that I’m afraid to reveal, give me the courage and conviction to reveal them, happily and willingly, whatever the outcome. Lord hear my prayer.

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Is the Holy Father reading my blog?

Holy Father Urges Conversion In Use Of Material Goods  Nah, I think we’re just reading the same gospel. 🙂

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