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Catholics Against Joe Biden: Joe Biden channels Nancy Pelosi on Meet The Press — another “teaching moment” for the Catholic Bishops?

Tom Brokaw inquired Biden’s view on the beginning of human life and the matter of abortion and what he would do if Obama sought his counsel on the subject: SEN. BIDEN: I’d say, “Look, I know when it begins for … Continue reading

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A Kings Legacy

On August 25th the niece of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Dr. Alveda King joined Archbishop Chaput of Denver at a prayer vigil outside of an abortion clinic. This to me is the true legacy of Dr. King, a legacy … Continue reading

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Why I cannot vote for Sen. Obama…

but wish I could. First, I would like to clear a few things out of the way. I don’t appreciate those who are against his candidacy and will use any means necessary. Examples of this include the use of his … Continue reading

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Catholics Against Joe Biden

A new blog (Catholics Against Joe Biden) has been formed to inform. Please visit and lend your support. The fight to protect the lives of the most innocent among us is at a climax. We must stand for truth. Prayer should be … Continue reading

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